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Townsville Occupational Therapy Service

Here to help your child engage and participate in everyday activities to achieve their best potential.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapists can help your child engage and participate in their everyday activities so they can achieve their best potential!

We are a family centered practice operating in Townsville that also visits the surrounding areas of Ayr, Ingham and Charters Towers.

Our philosophy is to help your child engage and participate in everyday activities to achieve their best potential. We aim to equip parents and caregivers with skills to assist the child with their ongoing growth and achievements.

We mainly conduct sessions in our clinic in South Townsville, however we also offer home, school and kindy visits. We conduct an initial assessment to determine your child’s strengths, difficulties in their everyday activities and to create individual goals.


Townsville OT, QLD, Children
Townsville OT, Nicole Brown, Occupational Therapy
Townsville OT, QLD, Children
Townsville OT, QLD, Children

Occupational therapists help children learn and develop skills to be able to engage, participate and achieve in everyday activities. Occupational therapists can help improve the following skills:

  • Daily living skills

    – toileting, dressing, eating (including fussiness), cooking, cleaning and shopping.

  • Motor skills

    – fine motor, gross motor and motor planning.

  • Play skills

    – expanding and building on current play, imaginative play and playing with others.

  • School skills

    – handwriting, drawing, using scissors and more.

  • Learning skills

    – attention/concentration, memory, problem solving, sequencing, perception.

  • Social skills

    – making friends, navigating and understanding the social world.

  • Emotional management

    – learning how to handle emotions.

  • Sensory skills

    – under or over reaction to sensory input.

Our vision.

To enable our clients to engage, participate and achieve

Our mission.

To be a valued health care provider within the community. Delivering family centred, innovative, high quality occupational therapy services.

Our values.

Together – We value collegiality and commitment. We will actively work together to achieve personalised and meaningful goals.
Opportunity – We value encouraging opportunity to achieve your goals.
Thrive – We value evidence based practices that will see our clients flourish and thrive through their journey.
Supportive – We value and respect all our client’s and wish to support them during their time with our service

Our commitment.

✓ We are committed in providing quality up-to-date evidence based practice by experienced therapists and support staff.
✓ We are committed to professional development and adherence to the code of ethics underpinning our profession.
✓ We are committed to our clients, always striving to help them achieve their goals.